10 Unusual Marketing Ideas

Marketing Ideas

Marketing IdeasBecause logos printed on notepads and van wraps are overdone…it’s time to start thinking in a totally new direction. Hopefully this list will get you started:

1. Partner with an unlikely but visible independent business in your community.

2. Give away an unusual promo item that might be more likely to be photographed and published to social media (i.e. dog shirts with your logo).

3. Have a mascot.

4. Set up a flash mob at a big event (like a state fair), and have everyone in your flash mob dress like your profession (plumber, chef) or at least wear shirts with your contact information and throw some extra shirts out to the surrounding crowd. Have someone video and share on YouTube.

5. Find a local, well-known person to endorse your product in ads or on social media.

6. Hand out popsicles on a hot day (or serve hot chocolate on a cold day) in front of a busy grocery store. Make sure to attach your business card.

7. Commission art work for a children’s park or for a building that gets a lot of traffic.

8. Find a project to “hero.” With so many budget problems in today’s world shelters, humane societies, soup kitchens and other non-profits are closing down left and right. Find one cause that is near and dear to your heart and help champion a major effort to raise big funds in support of that group. You won’t necessarily have to be the one donating all the money, but if you can be the name behind why people are donating more, that is good enough.

9. Hire people who LOVE your brand.

10. Commission an artist to build a life-size version of your logo using unique mediums (balloons, fabric, lighting, Legos, flowers, etc.) either outside the front of your shop or at a booth  you are sponsoring for a big event.

Any others you want to add to the list? Share your ideas with us and your fellow blog readers!