10 Wonders of WordPress for a Business Website

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Prairie Magic Design 10 Wonders Facebook photoWe’ve made it no secret that we love WordPress here at PMD. As content management systems go, it’s usually the best option for us and for our clients. Originally released in 2003 as a blogging software, WordPress has become the foundation for millions of personal and business websites. Its versatility allows it to accommodate so many different needs, from simple to complex.

There are literally thousands of mobile-friendly, customizable themes to make sure your website design is the best representation of your business and brand. (Our personal favorites are Parallax Pro Theme and Agency Pro Theme. In the recent revamp of our own website, we used Aspire Pro Theme.)

But beneath the surface of a pretty website, a plethora of plugins give WordPress the power to do so much more:

  • Allow online appointment scheduling.

    business website designed in WordPress by PMD
    Old Town T-shirts business website designed in WordPress by PMD
  • Add a sign-up form to grow your email subscriber list.
  • Integrate a blog (which is a great way to improve your SEO!).
  • Create a beautiful online portfolio of photos or videos.
  • Generate invoices for your products and services.
  • Set up an online store complete with item pages, shopping cart, and secure payment system.
  • Create surveys or questionnaires to gain valuable insights from customers.
  • Limit exclusive content to a members-only website.
  • Act as a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool to maintain and engage with your customer/contact list.
  • Create and manage events on your website and integrate them with a calendar.

And that’s just scratching the surface! If any of the above features would be beneficial to your business―or if you have other needs in mind―we’re happy to discuss the options with you. Once we build a site, we’ll also provide custom training so clients can modify their content and even update plugins as needed. If you want your business website to help increase efficiency or streamline processes, then it’s time to put WordPress to work for you.