Children First: CEO Kansas, Inc.

Children First: CEO Kansas, Inc. is a non-profit providing help for youth in a variety of services. Their mission supports students to feel safe and empowered. So that they can learn and thrive by staying in school and achieving in life.

They needed a simple website focusing on their services and accepting donations.

We used the Infinity Pro (Genesis theme). The theme offered the best solution to a simple content structure. Our focus was on driving the right traffic to the site. Equally important was using the call-to-action button seen first when the site opens. Consequently, making it easy to support the organization. Not to mention, Kathleen was instrumental in organizing the donation, content, and photos. As can be seen, the key information was at the top and visible for mobile users. The call-to-action button is the first item seen. As a result, it creates an opportunity for visitors to take action and support their cause.

Teaming up with Kathleen to produce a responsive, informative website was wonderful. They can engage potential volunteers and donors to learn more about their initiatives. The new web design using big images has created a much more visual, engaging story. The colors of their palette combined with authentic, real-life images are compelling. The bold page design highlights important information for visitors. This website is a much stronger storyteller than the old one. It goes beyond hosting information. It builds visitor relationships, advocacy, and donations.

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Children First CEO new nonprofit website
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