Five (or Six) Components of a Successful Website

PMD mobile look

With more than 90% of customers turning to the Internet first when starting their hunt for a purchase, it is imperative for your Website to make a great first impression. Without looking at your site specifically, it would be hard for us to gauge whether or not your site falls into this category, but we will provide you with a list of components that every successful business site must include. If you have these components, you are at least headed in the right direction, and we can always help you with the aesthetics (which are also super important).

First, make sure you are providing the user with a navigation that is clean and easy to understand. If a customer is not able to quickly decide what to click next to get the information they need, more than likely they will hit the back button and leave your site. Also, including a Search box on your site is important. If they are unable to immediately find what they need, they might take the extra time to search your site.

Ad Astra Website
This is a Website we developed for Ad Astra Print Resources. As you can see the navigation clearly stands out, and there are options for everyone visiting the site.

Second, you should go through your Website content with a fine-tooth comb. Not only do you want to provide solid information about your business, but you want to be as efficient as possible in how you provide that information. Keeping your information relevant and concise (without the added fluff) can help customers get what they need faster and they will appreciate the streamlined approach. In addition, let either a copywriter or editor massage your Website’s copy. They will make sure the information is properly written and presented in a way that is consistent with your brand. Might even be worth checking out our blog on Content Marketing.

Third, your contact information needs to be located in a consistent location throughout your site. And, if you want to make it super easy for people to contact you, the top right corner is a great location. While many people will look to the bottom of your site for things like phone numbers and addresses, you risk losing the people that are in a rush and forget to scroll down. Remember that your social media integration is now considered part of your contact info. If nothing else, make sure these icons are linked and displayed on the front page of your site.

Just a sample of how repeating your contact information in the same place on every page will be helpful for your clients.

Fourth, it is a good investment to make sure your SEO ranking appears on the first page of a Google search. Lots of small businesses do not have the money to spend on SEO at the very beginning, but if you can find the extra cash to get this going, you will have more opportunities for increasing profits faster.

Last, and most important, is having a mobile-ready version of your Website. With the increase in Web traffic on mobile devices, such as tablets and Smartphones, you need to be providing a user-friendly site for this crowd. Almost 50% of Internet surfing is done via mobile device these days, which means HALF of your prospective customers could find you while using their tablet. For more information on having a mobile Website, check out our post, It’s Time to be Responsive.

Here is a screen shot of our very own Website on a Smartphone. The image to the left is what you see when you land on our mobile site and the image to the right is what you see when you touch the three lines in the center. Those three lines have become a common icon suggesting there is a hidden menu and it will appear if you touch it.

This last one will not apply to everyone, but if you do offer any level of e-commerce on your Website, you will also want to make sure you offer stellar security to your customers making online purchases.

For more information about how to create a brilliant Website, check out Web Design Trends for 2015!

Make sure your Website has these five (or six) common elements. If you do, we have a good place to start with the look and feel (which is worth a blog post of it’s very own). If you do not, contact us and let us help you get your Website moving in the right direction so you can capitalize on more sales soon!