Content Maintenance

Content Maintenance – Essential to Successful Marketing

Content Maintenance

Your customers, not to mention Google, loves to see new content! And I want to help you keep your content up to date. Buy a Website Content Maintenance Package and send me what you want to post. Elements listed below determine the size of the package:

  • Size of your website
  • Is your business growing – fast or slowly
  • Do you need a one time fix, or monthly
  • Is your website information out-of-date
  • Do you have experience updating your website
  • How many updates do you need per month

If you are maintaining your own website, you know what it involves. A little help would give you time to work on your business and not your website.

Packages for Every Need


2 – 3 Updates
Per Year
1-2 Business
Days Response


2 – 3 Updates
Per Month
1-2 Business
Days Response


5 – 7 Updates
Per Month
1-2 Business
Days Response


+ 7 Updates
Per Month
1-2 Business
Days Response

More Information

Enrollment Requirements

You must have an annual service plan with Prairie Magic Design that includes hosting.

What Is An Update Request

It is a list of content changes you’d like made to your website. Most important, please submit all your changes at once. I can only open a word document. (I do not accept Publisher files.)

What If We Need to Make More Requests Than Our Plan Allows?

You are on the Medium Package and you have more than 3 requests that month, request less the next month. If it turns out you need to be on the next plan or a custom plan, we can assess that as needed. I will be flexible and fair.

Turnaround Times

Requests will usually take a 1-2 day turnaround. I’ll let you know if I need more clarification. And if it will take more time than the typical turnaround.

Payment Types

I accept VISA and Mastercard. I will send an email invoice, please use the Intuit Pay Now link.


My goal is to respond within an hour between 10 and 4 Monday through Friday.


I will email an invoice thirty days before your service plan’s renewal. Please pay within those 30 days. Your Content Maintenance Package will continue to receive uninterrupted service. All part of your annual service plan.

Canceling your annual service plan? Let me know in writing. I will send a refund prorated for the months remaining from the time of notification.

How I Can Cancel

I want to give you the best, friendly, professional support and be a part of your team for years. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always work out and we are not a good match. If it is better to cancel, I will give you notice. I’ll send a refund prorated for the months remaining in your service plan. If you decided to hire a different team, I will work with you to make a smooth transition.

Do I Have To Have a Content Maintenance Package?How Many Hours Do I Get?

My packages are not based on hours of service provided. I don’t like tracking time. I prefer to provide value. The packages roughly translate into:

  • SMALL = up to 2 hours per month
  • MEDIUM = up to 5 hours per month
  • LARGE = up to 10 hours per month
  • GRAND = up to 20 hours per month.

Do I Have To Have a Content Maintenance Package?

All my clients receive an annual service plan. The plan includes a complimentary SMALL Content Maintenance Package.

Limitation of Liability; Disclaimer of Warranties:

There are limitations to the guarantees I can provide. That said, your satisfaction is very important to me.

Please read and understand my limits of liability before engaging in my services.

I strive for your website’s optimal performance and security. The WordPress software and plugins used on the website were not built by me. I am only a reseller of the hosting platform it runs on.

For this reason, Prairie Magic Design does not:

  • represent,
  • guarantee
  • or warrant

that the functions contained in these web pages or internet website will be

  • uninterrupted
  • error-free
  • free from loss
  • corruption
  • attack
  • viruses
  • interference
  • hacking
  • or other security intrusions.

Prairie Magic Design disclaims any liability relating thereto.

Prairie Magic Design is also not responsible when our client attempts to:

  • update the website
  • damages the design
  • impairs the ability for the web pages to display
  • or function properly

If an issue does arise, you can count on Prairie Magic Design to work along with you to find a good resolution.

Interested in partnering with me to maintain your WordPress website? Let’s talk.