Content Packages for your website

I provide four levels of Content Packages to my clients. Signing up for a package is cost-effective over per-project pricing. My content packages help me predict your needs. Plus, it helps you predict your marketing expenses and you can budget for the cost.

Choose one of the content packages and let’s get started!


Small Content Package picture of small sized dog

Have a small website to maintain? Only need 2-3 update requests per year. (No e-commerce or AdWords campaigns)

Free with Service Plan


Medium Content Package picture of medium sized dog

Own a medium-size informational website to maintain? Need 2-3 update requests per month? (No e-commerce or AdWords campaigns)

$35/month with Service Plan


Large Content Package picture of large sized dog

This package is good for those who have a small e-commerce site (less than 20 products). Need up to 5-7 update requests per month.

$80/month with Service Plan


Grand Content Package picture of grand sized dog

Excellent package for medium-size e-commerce sites (less than 200 products). Or have a medium to small site with high traffic. More than 7 update requests per month.

$125/month with Service Plan

If you choose a package and later decide that you need a bigger package to meet your needs, you can upgrade at any time.

Website Content Maintenance Packages Include the Following Services

  • Add new pages to your site – content you provide in a word document.
  • Posting new content you provide.
  • Posting new images you provide.
  • Replacing the old logo with your newly designed logo.
  • Add testimonial to testimonial page.
  • Add a Google map to new location.
  • Link to your social media sites or add feeds.
  • Proofreading provided content for typos and grammar errors.
  • Posting new links and responding to webmaster e-mails.
  • Maintaining e-commerce programs (loading new products, adjusting product information, etc.).

Services not included in Website Content Maintenance Package

  • Copywriting Services. There are those that are gifted to write.
  • Site redesign, including changing any design elements.
  • Logo creation.
  • SEO Services.
  • Changing the template.
  • Creation of subdomains or new installations.
  • Installing any new, third-party extensions (core extensions being enabled are acceptable).
  • Anything else not listed as included in this service.

Interested in partnering with me to maintain your WordPress website? Let’s talk.