Custom Website Design

Get a custom website design that is a content management system.

Are you searching for a website that you like? Do you take notes about the parts you’d love to include on your site? If you haven’t found the perfect one then you need to have a custom website designed. Consider your custom website design to be the centerpiece for your marketing efforts. Most important, it’s not just a pretty design. It’s designed to bring in more business.

Custom Website Design for Nonprofits & Small Businesses

Does this sound familiar?

  • You are online, but you need to make your website look good on smartphones, tablets and other devices.
  • You have a website, but it looks dated and doesn’t work nicely like other websites.
  • Your competition has a more professional presence.
  • You have a website, but it is slow and could perform, convert and look better.
  • You could save $ and time by having information online & automated rather than paying someone to answer the same questions repeatedly.
  • You want to sell from your own website rather than other online marketplaces that charge high fees.

Get a custom website design that is a content management system. I work with you to understand your goals and your target market’s needs. We need to work together to define the details, the big picture of what your site will be. We can use a combination of Pinterest boards, phone calls and a questionnaire as needed. With all the information in mind, I will then start the design and development process. I use an existing theme as a template for the design. I provide a home page visual customized for your branding and content. Once I have your content I build your website.

All of this usually takes 4 to 6 weeks from the start date.

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