Every Nonprofit Needs a Website…

Nonprofit websites

Some of our recent blogs about Websites being a central component to a business have sparked some conversation and questions about if this applies to non-profits. We have received questions like, “do you offer discounts to non-profits?” We have received comments like, “Well, we are not sure if spending money on a Website is the best use of our small non-profit marketing budget.”

These conversations have led us to this post…and to the final answer that Websites are still as important, if not more important, to non-profits as they are to for-profit businesses, and here’s why…

  1. Nonprofit-WebsitesNon-profits and for-profits have a lot of the same business goals. They both want a well-known brand, and they both want to retain old customers and/or donors as well as attract new ones. With that said the main difference is in the #1 goal. Non-profits all have the same #1 goal – to raise more money, whereas for-profit’s #1 goal will vary. If you are a non-profit and you do not have a Website, that means you do not have an easy way for your donors to send you money any time of any day they want. Basically, your business is missing out on funding and working against your #1 goal.
  2. With no Website, we have to figure you are spending money on some printed materials; otherwise, how would you get the word out about your business? Because printed materials tend to go out of date pretty fast these days, think about how easy it would be to invest in a new Website and be able to update it whenever you want and for a whole lot less than printing new marketing materials. Think long-term. You will probably save money.
  3. Websites are not as expensive as you think! Tell us what your budget is and we will tell you how we can work together to make the most of those marketing dollars. Even if you have to build a Website in phases, it is better to get it started now than to continue moving forward with no online presence.
  4. If you want people to be able to find your business online, you have to be online!
  5. A Facebook Page will never take the place of your Website. A Facebook Page cannot collect money from donors, nor will it tell your story. A Facebook Page, Twitter, LinkedIn, and all those other social sites are merely marketing tools that you can use to brand your business and engage with customers. Use them to drive people to your little piece of online real estate…your Website.

We hope this helps non-profits out there put into perspective how very important it is that their business have a Website. Not convinced? Call us. Let’s talk about how we will make your Website donor friendly and help you achieve your #1 goal, raising more funds.