Why Your Integrated Marketing Campaign Needs Good Graphic Design

Good Graphic Design PMD

Long gone are the days of getting your message across by simply running a newspaper ad or sending out a single email to your list.

Now, there are dozens of touchpoints where a consumer interacts with your business. That’s why so many brands are turning to integrated marketing campaigns, which include any combination of print/broadcast advertising, digital marketing, public relations, and in-store promotions.Integrated marketing and good graphic design

To get a little more specific, here are just a few pieces that could be part of an integrated marketing campaign:

  • Postcards
  • Brochures/fliers
  • Facebook contest
  • YouTube video
  • Email blasts
  • Point-of-purchase signage
  • Website landing page
  • Post-purchase survey

Whew. That’s a lot! Of course, it’s important to choose your channels wisely based on where your target customers are. (In other words, if they don’t spend their time on Facebook, then that’s not where you should spend your time or money.)

Equally as important as the channel selection is the visual consistency across all components of your integrated marketing campaign.  So, if someone scans the QR code on your postcard to check out your website, he should immediately see a visual connection. If someone gets your email blast about a new product and visits your store to buy it, he should see coordinating signage. The quality and consistency of your graphic design has a direct effect on the success of your campaign.

As the business, you may feel like you’re seeing the same graphics over and over. You may be thinking, “Other people are going to get tired of seeing this. Maybe we should switch it up.” But remember, not everyone is going to be on every channel seeing all the pieces of your campaign at the same time. Plus, people are bombarded with a lot of other messaging and “noise” from other brands all day long.  So the more a person sees your consistent brand identity and message, the more likely it is to stick with them. In fact, it can take more than five impressions for an individual to recognize a brand or specific marketing message!

That said, your Facebook graphics shouldn’t necessarily be a carbon copy of your email graphics. And your postcard won’t be a carbon copy of your in-store signage. Campaign visuals will need to be adapted for various mediums and platforms―both online and offline. If your campaign does span both the digital and print worlds, you’ll also need files that are optimized for both formats. (If you try to use a low-resolution web image for a printed brochure, the quality will be compromised and the result can appear unprofessional.)

This is where things can get a little hairy, but the graphic design experts at PMD are here to help. We’ll stay true to your brand while creating effective visuals that give your integrated marketing campaign a cohesive look. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to chat about your specific needs.

P.S. Since branding is a big part of any integrated marketing campaign, be sure to check out our Branding 101 post for a quick refresher!