How Graphic Design Helps Communicate Your Message

How graphic design helps communicate message Blog and LInkedIn p

We can all probably agree that well-executed graphic design ― whether for digital or print ― should be pleasing to the eye. But there’s much more to good graphic design than just looking pretty. At PMD, we’re firm believers that a primary function of graphic design is to facilitate communication.

Think about it this way: Just like concrete provides a firm foundation for your house, graphic design provides a firm foundation for your message. Without it, things can get a little shaky and unstable!

So, what are some ways that graphic design helps communicate your message more clearly?

  • color Blog and LInkedIn photoUse of color. In addition to reinforcing your brand, color can also provide visual cues for navigation, calls-to-action, and general organization. While it may be tempting to use flashy colors, this isn’t always be the best choice for legibility. The proper color contrast of background and text will make print and digital pieces easier to read.
  • Use of layout. Whether it’s arranging elements on a brochure or a website, the layout is critical to a positive user experience. For example, the right flow will keep someone focused on your website longer ― and ultimately lead him to take some kind of action. If the layout is confusing in any way, he’ll likely give up and go elsewhere to find what he wants.
  • Use of imagery. Visuals help to convey thoughts and ideas. They should always serve a purpose to help reinforce your message, not detract from it. Beyond photos, this also includes illustrations, icons, or charts/graphs.

Graphic design isn’t an afterthought! It should go hand-in-hand with your content to help organize, prioritize, and emphasize.  The result is clear communication that’s more easily understood by your audience ― and that will lead to increased conversions. Need some help laying the graphic design groundwork for your marketing pieces? Give us a call!