Lotus Leaf Restaurant

Lotus Leaf Restaurant website had an old fashioned, impractical site. It was crucial that I design a responsive, modern website using up to date design practices.

You could see the restaurant website on desktop computers, laptops, tablets, PCs, and mobile devices. It is important the site responds well across the different sizes of devices. User-centric design principles and design based on the end user’s resources were crucial.

The issues with the website were:

  • It was not responsive
  • People had difficulties finding information
  • The content was mostly irrelevant
  • Menu placement and prices were difficult to understand. This caused customer dissatisfaction as well as it took staff some time to explain menu items.
  • Difficulty in updating since it was not in a content management system(CMS)

My goal:

  • Build a new website with a mobile-first principle
  • A new design that looks modern
  • Give users easy access to what they want at first glance without making them think
  • Help the restaurant gain trust from their customers and show that they actually care what customers want by adopting the new design
  • To help users save time by making things quick by requiring less input


Together with Jacqueline, the owner, we chose the Genesis Cafe Pro theme for the layout. The theme provides a clean, fresh new look for their website. The front page shows the content Jacqueline wanted to promote, her menus, pricing, and professional pictures of food. It also includes – location, phone number, and hours of operation. A good match for the Lotus Leaf Restaurant website.

I can craft a WordPress Genesis Themed website that will engage with your customers, boost your online presence, give you credibility, and improve your reach. Ready to get started?

Website for Lotus Leaf Restaurant

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