Why We’re Lovin’ WordPress

Wordpress Websites by PMD

Wordpress Websites by PMD

We do love WordPress. We often recommend it to our customers. This is not to say we always suggest WordPress, but nine times out of ten, this platform just makes the most sense as we feel it is very versatile.

Our customers often want to know what makes WordPress the right solution for them. Our response is pretty standard. WordPress is:

  • Flexible – It can be used for general Websites, blogs, e-commerce, and most templates are automatically mobile friendly.
  • Customizable – There are so many plugins and themes available. The customer gets exactly what they want!
  • Easy to use – If the job is for us to build a Website that will be handed off to the customer for general updates, this is one of the easier platforms to learn. Most of our customers get the gist of the WordPress interface in a matter minutes!

While WordPress is usually the best option for our customers, we have to let you in on our little secret…part of the reason we love this platform is that it is the best option for us, too! By using WordPress we can build sites faster and more efficiently than with some of the other platforms. Some of the things about WordPress that make it so useful:

  • WordPress is ready to use immediately after installation. No waiting.
  • WordPress is search engine friendly. Search Engines pick up the WordPress site because it’s written using standard compliance, high-quality code and produces semantic mark up. That’s pretty much tech speak for, “Google likes WordPress.”
  • Multi-user capability – In many businesses there are a variety of people performing multiple tasks. Just because one person should have access to post the “weekly special” maybe they should not have access to Web stats and the blog. WordPress makes it very easy to assign different levels for Website administrators.
  • Universal platform – WordPress was built to play nice with every browser so the backend is easy to maneuver whether you are using Firefox, Google Chrome, or the ever-challenging Internet Explorer.

Because so many people want to have control over their own Website once it is built (and why shouldn’t they) we are happy to design and build a site, then turn it over to the customer for regular updates. In fact, we provide our customers with a tutorial specific to their Website so they can modify content as needed and even update plugins and their theme! Our customers love this this additional service.

If you are still questioning whether WordPress is right for you, WordPress is open source so there are no costs to download, install, or upgrade. WordPress has more the 20,000 plugins available to install for slideshows, contact forms, SEO optimization, backup functions, etc. It is easy to edit, change hosting sites, and is secure.

If you want to talk more about whether or not this is the right option for your company’s Website, contact us. Share your concerns and we can help you determine if WordPress will work or if there is a better CMS to meet your needs.

Visit some of the WordPress Websites we created: