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I’m on a mission to build a nonprofit website for every organization in Kansas if they want one. 

There are many challenges to designing a website for nonprofits. You need to create an inviting website for people to decide who will receive their donation. For example:

  • Potential volunteers will look at your website to decide if they want to help you.
  • Patrons presenting you with a grant will search for your site on the web.
  • Partners and prospective employees want to know all about your team and mission.
  • Those in need want to understand your services and hope you can help. 

Are you on the web so all can find you?

Creating a new website can come with a scary price tag. And for some organizations, a custom design is too far out of their price range. 

I want to change that.

My approach to nonprofit web design is ideal. You don’t have the headache of DIY website builders or complicated custom designs. The power of WordPress adapts beautifully to the needs of a nonprofit.

Done correctly, a nonprofit website is all-inclusive. The website will support your organizations’ mission. As well as, provide an excellent user experience for all people and groups.

There are a large number of devices and browsers that people use to view the web. Getting a website online that is optimal is not that simple. Your website should be responsive. Meaning your website will adjust to any device in use. Looking at your website from an Android phone is different than seeing it on a Mac. Good user experience will affect people’s impression of your organization. It is essential to establishing your nonprofit as a modern entity.

Starting cost just $20/month.

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Nonprofit Website Features

  • Responsive themes 
  • Unlimited pages
  • Accept donations directly on your site
  • Accessible Web Design
  • Blog
  • Google Analytics setup
  • Nonprofit Website Maintenance
  • Registering your domain name