Personalizing the Online Experience

Prairie Magic Design Personalization Website

Prairie Magic Design website personalizationIf you’ve used Amazon, Netflix, Pandora, or Facebook, then you’re already familiar with website personalization. These are just a few of the many websites and apps that display specific content based on your interests, search history, location, and other factors.

Think you have to be a major brand with a behemoth budget to integrate personalization on your website? Think again! An increasing number of programs and WordPress plug-ins (such as inSite) have been developed just for this purpose.  The concept can seem a bit mind-boggling, but what it boils down to is this: your site can automatically react to visitors based on certain conditions that trigger certain changes. Pretty cool, right?

Here are 10 basic examples of how to create a more personalized experience on your website: 

  • Auto-play an introduction video for people who are visiting for the first time.
  • Display a different welcome message or special offer for returning visitors.
  • Display promotion-specific information on the homepage for visitors who are coming from a dedicated campaign URL.
  • Show products based on similar items the visitor has previously searched for or added to the shopping cart.
  • Show the contact info and other specifics for the location nearest your visitor (if you have multiple branches).
  • Show or hide certain content at certain times of the day.
  • Display different content based on whether the user is viewing the site from a mobile device or a desktop computer.
  • Display a pop-up box after a visitor has been on the same page for several minutes. (For example, “Finding what you need? Give us a call and let us help!”)
  • Add a slide-in box that promotes your e-newsletter when someone visits a specific page on your site.
  • Implement a live chat feature so people can ask questions and get immediate answers (as long as you have someone dedicated to responding).

So, what exactly does a more personalized website do for your visitors? For starters, it delivers more value and enhances the overall user experience (UX).  It can also help prevent the potential information overload that comes with a “one-size-fits-all” approach.

The next question you’re probably asking is, What’s in it for me? Well, a personalized experience will help keep people on your site longer, increase engagement, and ultimately create more conversions (in the form of leads or sales).

This type of dynamic experience isn’t just the future of website design… It’s the present! With that said, it’s not a bandwagon everyone needs to jump on without first having a plan and a purpose. It starts with identifying your audience’s interests, understanding and categorizing your existing content, and then matching them together.

Got questions? We’re here to help you make sense of it all and create a dynamic website design that will deliver results.