Print and Digital Marketing: Stronger Together

Prairie Magic Design Print and Digital Marketing Facebook photo

Prairie Magic Design Print and Digital Marketing Facebook photoWe’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Print is not dead. Has digital marketing exploded? Yes. Should your business have a website to reach more potential customers? Absolutely. But online marketing has not replaced traditional print marketing! Rather, the two should be used in tandem to reinforce your brand and get your message out to more people. Most importantly, your print and digital marketing efforts should always maintain a consistent graphic design to help build recognition and trust.

With effective design and some advance planning, you can maximize your reach both online and offline. Here are three ways we suggest using print (which has the benefit of a longer lifespan) to drive more traffic to your digital presence:

Include your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) on all your printed marketing materials. Think beyond just business cards and brochures to any tangible piece that people come in contact with. A few examples are restaurant menus, shopping bags and packaging materials, or car magnets/decals on your business vehicle(s). The more people are aware of your social media presence, the more likely you are to grow an active and engaged following.

Prairie Magic Design PMD QR CodeGenerate a QR (Quick Response) code that links directly to additional online content, such as a video or a dedicated landing page on your website. Anyone with a free QR code reader on his Smartphone can scan the printed code to be taken to a URL of your choice. This works especially well when you want to provide more details about a specific product or service. It’s also handy for special offers or other campaigns you might be running. Once again, it’s critical that there is a visual connection with what someone sees in print and online!

Promote a social media contest with store signage or printed fliers that you put in a customer’s shopping bag. For instance, select a “Fan of the Month” from customers who take a picture of themselves enjoying your products/services and post it on social media. You’ll generally want to designate a hashtag for this type of promotion, so you can easily search through all the entries. (Tip: Do some research first to make sure the hashtag isn’t already taken by someone else!) Reward the winner with a gift certificate or coupon, and enjoy the extra awareness generated for your business on social media.

At PMD, we know the importance of portraying a consistent brand image across all channels. Our portfolio of graphic design work spans both the print and digital worlds, so let us know how we can help you bridge the gap and maximize your reach.