Gone are the days of print…NOT!

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“Print will be dead soon.” “You need to go paperless.” “Are you still using a printer?”

We’ve all heard something like this at least once, but should you really stop printing marketing materials?

Definitely not.

The world of print is far from dead. In fact, it still serves an important role in marketing. While it is great – and necessary – to take advantage of digital marketing opportunities, to have a total integrated marketing approach, you will still spend some money on print.

So, what can print pieces do that digital marketing cannot?

Flyer for Old Town T-Shirts
Flyer designed for Old Town T-Shirts
  • Because printed pieces are tangible, they tend to hang around on desks and shelves and in homes and offices for a long time. A printed piece now could still be working for you later!
  • The physicality of a print piece can help establish your brand: weight, texture, look, and feel all say something about your brand. Did you use recycled paper or a high gloss, heavy weight? Did you go with a traditional post card or classic tri-fold or did you use a more innovative die-cut design?
  • A print piece gives you a few more seconds to get noticed! A Website is often skimmed in about 15 seconds. Some magazines are read for about 45 minutes.
  • By planning print pieces wisely you can still spend less money on print by driving viewers to your digital content. Integrating your print piece with coordinating landing page can actually get killer results!
  • Printing collateral is sometimes the only option, depending on your target audience!

Make sure to integrate QR codes and Social Media icons that will drive traffic online. Also, use special landing pages that coordinate with the look and feel of your campaigns so prospective customers will know they are in the right place when they find your page.

Postcard designed for Coupon Chuck
Postcard designed for Coupon Chuck. QR Codes are effective for getting people to take immediate action.    

If you’re not sure about when a print piece is the way to go, or if you could use some help integrating your marketing campaigns for better results, call us. We want to put the magic in your marketing!