Social Media Images: Covering the Basics

Prairie Magic Design Social Media 3 Cover Photo Sizes

Prairie Magic Design Social Media Cover Photo SizesIn addition to a website, having a social media presence has practically become an expectation for any business, large or small. And just as important as the written content is the visual appearance of your profiles.  Today, we’re just going to focus on the part of your social media profile that creates the first impression: cover photos.

(But first, a quick refresher on pixels: These are the tiny, colored dots that make up the images on computer displays.)

 Facebook cover photo: 828 pixels wide x 315 pixels tall
If your image is smaller than those dimensions, Facebook will stretch it to fit. But that could lead to a pixelated, fuzzy image―not very desirable! And keep in mind how other elements affect the layout of your cover photo. For instance, your profile picture is located in the lower left corner, covering up a chunk of space there. Also, there can be up to three buttons in the lower right corner on business pages. You can either just work around these OR design your cover photo so it actually draws more attention to certain buttons (such as “Shop Now”).

Twitter cover photo: 1500 x 500px
These photos are very long, essentially stretching across the entire screen! While you can fit a lot in this real estate, that doesn’t mean you should go overboard. Often the best Twitter photos are those that display a striking, high-definition image. For businesses/brands, wise use of the space can also include a tag line, designated hashtag, or even your other social media profiles. As with Facebook, remember that your profile photo will cover up a portion of your cover photo in the lower left corner.

LinkedIn cover photo: 646 x 220px
In this business-minded social network, your cover photo provides a great opportunity to increase your branding and visibility. LinkedIn also recently introduced the ability to add a background image, which is 1400px by 425px. Since this is a platform for business professionals, you definitely want your visuals to be (you guessed it) professional!

When to DIY… or not!
We’re just going to be honest with you. If you don’t already know it, there are plenty of free tools and templates out there to help you create your own social media images. And some of them (including Canva and PicMonkey) are actually pretty decent. But, as with anything free, there are always limitations to what you can do.

When it comes to pulling together an entire branded campaign for a business, all your graphics―across your website and social profiles―should have a cohesive look while making the best use of the space allowed. That’s where the graphic design experts at PMD can help you create a customized campaign that reflects your unique brand, message, and personality.  If this is something you think you could benefit from, give us a shout and let’s get social!