Social Media Marketing. Easy as 1, 2…

Many people ask about social marketing and “how to do it.” We can tell you two things:
first, it’s not as hard as you think, and second, it’s not as easy as you think. We promise we’re not trying to confuse you, but the fact is it can be easy if you make a plan for how you’ll use social media to boost your business. And if you’re one of those that believe you can just rattle off a post here and there and it will be an “easy solution,” think again. You need to put some effort into making social media work for you!



Here are some tips to consider when making your plan and writing your posts…

#1. Entertain and inform your audience first. Sell to them second (or without them ever knowing)! THIS is what Social Marketing is all about.

#2. Take polls using LIKE and SHARE. For example, “LIKE this post if you love coffee. SHARE this post if you love tea.”

#3. Don’t over-hashtag! One hashtag, SWEET! Two hashtags, that works. Three hashtags…we’ll accept it. Four hashtags, hmmmm. Nine hashtags, we might unfriend you. Just joking. BTW, Twitter is to hashtags like peanut butter is to jelly…they just go hand-in-hand. Use hashtags whenever possible on Twitter.#UseHashtags

#4. Make your logo your profile pic or avatar for quick reference. Don’t try to dispute this one. Just do it.

#5. Negative branding (AKA negative posting or tweeting) can lose you followers. Don’t be a “debbie-downer!”

#6. Selfies, food, family photos…save these for personal pages unless it’s absolutely relevant to your business.

#7. When conducting online social business, be personable, not personal!

#8. Provide completed profile information about your business. You don’t want people to have to “dig” for where or how to contact you and what your business sells or the services you provide. The thing is they won’t dig and you’ll lose business.

social-media-relevance#9. Offer information of value! None of your customers want to know your best friend’s granddaughter’s nephew just lost his first tooth. Feed them information that will interest them AND boost YOUR sales.

#10.  It’s always wise to compose posts, tweets, blogs, etc. in a word processing document FIRST. This will help decrease the number of grammatical mistakes and spelling errors. Once you’re finished and you’ve looked it over a few times, copy and paste into your social platform.

We hope this list is useful for you and your team!

Have questions? Need help with your planning and/or executing? If it’s not easy as 1, 2, 3…call us! We want to help!