Five (or Six) Components of a Successful Website

With more than 90% of customers turning to the Internet first when starting their hunt for a purchase, it is imperative for your Website to make a great first impression. Without looking at your site specifically, it would be hard for us to gauge whether or not your site falls into this category, but we… Continue reading Five (or Six) Components of a Successful Website

Wedding Trends We Say “I Do” To

Weddings are wonderful events to look at for inspiration. As trends change, weddings are one of the first places to see these changes so it’s wonderful to look at weddings happening around you and beyond (Google search) to see what colors, shapes, textures, and themes are being used. When you really break down all the… Continue reading Wedding Trends We Say “I Do” To

It’s Time to be “Responsive”

In our last blog about Web designs trends for 2015, we mentioned the importance of having a responsive Website. Since then we have had a couple of people inquire about what responsive really means and how to accomplish this. Responsive Web Design (RWD) is a Website design that is optimally displayed regardless of the platform/device… Continue reading It’s Time to be “Responsive”