Taking the Next Step: What Comes First the Logo or the Company?

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Logos. They’re obviously important.

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Startup logo design by Prairie Magic Design

Did you know some businesses get started without one? It’s not the wisest decision, but sometimes when

a hobby or side gig grows organically and forming a business is the natural next step, it can, on occasion happen that the logo comes later in the process.

If you plan to do any form of marketing or advertising with your business, and you want people to remember your product or service, it is necessary to have a logo. To make things even more challenging, if you plan to compete with the big guys (i.e. national chains, well-known franchises, etc.) you need more than JUST a logo. You need a stellar logo – one that looks professional enough to say, “I can compete with the big boys.” Your logo needs to say your business is savvy and powerful, but most important, your logo needs to be memorable.

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Startup logo design by Prairie Magic Design

Sometimes, however, I think we place an undue amount of pressure on having the perfect logo, especially when starting a business. We have seen it many times when a person starts a business…they want to create the perfect logo, and rightfully so. Every business owner wants to make the best first impression possible. However, after multiple rounds of critiques and changes, a finished logo that has them walking on air, and an an exorbitant amount of money spent on branded t-shirts, laptop cases, pens, and more, many business owners end up wanting to change or “tweak” their logo pretty soon (within three months of starting their business). If major investments were made to support the brand identity, this can get tricky.

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Startup logo design by Prairie Magic Design

While it is important to create a logo that best defines your brand from the very beginning, you might hold off on extreme investments that include your logo…if you can. Sometimes this is not possible due to storefront signage, employee uniforms, wraps for vehicles, etc. We often recommend to our clients to purchase only the branded items you must have immediately. This way, if you want to make tweaks to your logo later, the process will be less painful and less expensive.

Rolling out a new logo can be a challenge no matter what stage you are at in your business. In the excitement of rebranding we often want to just get it out there and let everyone know! This makes sense if you’re going to host a large-scale grand re-opening or some other big event that celebrates the new brand. If you decide to evolve your logo to look more modern and reflect an updated image, the more savvy and efficient way to launch your logo is to integrate the new logo into your materials as it makes sense. For example, use up that stack of 500 business cards first. Only print new cards when you need more. This phased-in approach is much more affordable and most customers will understand.

In the end, if your new logo is simply an “evolution” of your look, your customers who “get” your brand will recognize it. Also, remember that your logo is simply one element of your brand. An important element? Yes, very! Your overall brand, however, is about so much more. Do you provide value and quality customer service? That’s what your customers will remember you for, and you can use that logo to grab attention and let new customers know the solutions your business provides.

So, should you have a logo first or a business?  We say a logo, but even if your business came first, don’t fret. Just make it a priority to use what you’ve learned about your business to create the best logo possible!

So, what exactly makes a a good logo? Read here to learn more!

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