Top 2016 Web Design Trends

Web Trends 2016 by PMD

Happy new year! We hope your 2016 has been fabulous so far. Here at PMD, we like to start every new year by researching and reviewing what’s hot in the ever-changing world of web design (because it’s fun and, well, it’s our job!). Along with a continuation of last year’s trends, here’s what you can expect to see for web design trends in 2016:


Customer Centric Website Design by PMD

Customer-centric design
Everyone knows that an outdated, clunky website isn’t going to give viewers a very good first impression, much less convert them into customers. On the other hand, even the most visually stunning website in the world won’t do you any favors if it’s not easy to navigate. A customer-centric web design should focus on solving your customers’ problems and enhancing their journey through your site. Personally, we’re thrilled to see customer-centric design come to the forefront! At PMD, we always strive to make our websites user-friendly for our clients’ customers as well as our clients.


Story Telling Visuals Website Design by PMD


Telling a story with visuals
High-quality photos and videos are still as important as ever in an effective web design. But we’re starting to see a transition to other dynamic visual elements that tell your business’ story:



Hand-drawn illustrations, for instance, are a welcome surprise in contrast with the Hand drawn Elements in Website Design by PMDdigitizing of the web. Illustrations engage the viewer in a more relatable way, allowing someone to picture himself in the scene more easily. Also, expect to see more cinemagraphs, which are essentially photos with movement. (Take note: these are not GIF animations. Just think of the “live photos” feature on the iPhone 6S or check out these examples from Creative Market.)

As wonderful as all these visual elements are, remember they should always serve a purpose and enhance your web design―not detract from it!


More emphasis on color & typography
Color and Typography in Website Design by PMD
Color and typography have always been the primary tools in branding and logo design. This year, expect to see big, beautiful typographical treatments and bold colors take center stage in web design too. We love typography! So as you might imagine, we’re pretty happy about this trend and look forward to stretching those creative boundaries.


Card-style interface
Pinterest or Masonry style in Website Design by PMD
Appearing everywhere from apps to websites and even printed materials, this type of Pinterest-inspired design organizes information in user-friendly cards or blocks. Along with being easy for the viewer to scan, these “content containers”  are also easy to re-arrange or stack for viewing seamlessly across devices―from desktop to mobile and responsive design. WordPress, our preferred Content Management System, has many options for card-style interfaces which we can further customize to our client’s needs.


Simplicity reigns supremeSimplicity in Website Design by PMD

Yes, less is still more! A clean, minimalist website that enhances the overall UX (user experience) can be one of your most effective selling tools. The less “clutter” on your site, the easier it is for your message to stand out.


Staying up-to-date on design trends is important, but a great website must first and foremost have a solid foundation. If you’re ready to give your site a fresh new look for 2016―or maybe even a complete overhaul from the ground up―contact us at 316-617-2109. We’re here to help.