Web Design Trends for 2015


Every year we all see new trends in fashion and home decor all over the Internet and TV. We designers also notice trends in general design, and we look for how those fashion and home decor trends will eventually lend itself to different types of graphic design.

As a Website designer, I like to do some research each year on what I see changing in Website design. Not only does this help us to stay on trend with our graphics, but it also keeps us learning about the newest technologies available for our clients.

We strive to make our Websites user friendly for both our clients’ customers as well as for our clients. If our clients better understand how all the components of their Website come together, they are more apt to make their own updates…or at least they’re able to understand what’s possible (and what’s not possible) with the Content Management System and design they’ve chosen.

We thought we’d put together a quick summary of our research that may help you this year when starting or updating your Web presence. Not sure where to begin, contact us. We’re happy to help!



1. Simplicity

Design is not always about filling every nook and cranny of a space. In fact, the white space is as important as the designed space in helping to get a message across. At PMD, we like good design, but our focus is design for marketing so we’re always focused on what helps sell our client’s message.

With the so many outlets for advertising these days, a company’s Website is the best location to tell their story and explain what they offer. In 2015, we’re seeing more companies focus on sharing that story, interacting with their customers, and being more direct about the aforementioned. Companies of all sizes are finding that their customers want information that is to the point…less superficial fluff, more real stuff!



2. Responsive

This is it. 2015 is the year that users will officially cross that imaginary line of doing more browsing on their mobile devices than on their computers! I know you can already see where this is going so I’ll keep it short…either have a mobile-friendly site in 2015 or don’t have a site at all! OK, that might be a little exaggerated, but seriously. If your current Website doesn’t have a responsive site to correspond, call us. You need to get your rear in gear this year!


high quality

3. High-quality photos & videos

Until recently, a lot of small companies have just been “getting by” with the pictures and videos taken on their Smartphones. While this is better than having no visual to accompany a brand, the explosion of stock photography and video-editing software is really stepping up everyone’s game. Small businesses can no longer make the claim that they’re small and don’t have the budget. With more people finding ways to do this, it’s good to find a few simple images that you can invest in or even have some photography done. You can reuse these images for a while until you’ve run them into the ground and it’s time for something new. Trust us, it’s better to have an overused high-quality photo in the marketing materials than to have 100 bad photos taken with your cell phone (unless it’s for Facebook…and that’s a whole other blog for a different day).



4. More scroll. Less click.

Do you have any sites that you frequent and notice that they are becoming long(er)? Well, there has been a definite trend to move toward more scrolling and less clicking. In fact, you can find multiple topics covered on one single page. Apple has had a site like this for a long time…guess we all took a while to catch on!
You’ll also notice that because of this a lot of menus are hidden now. If you mouse over the menu it will appear, and if you select a menu item, it will jump you directly to an anchor link where you can find your information, but you’re still on the same page where you found the menu. Guess it works hand-in-hand with that simplicity thing!



5. Overall more professionalism

A few years ago not many small companies had Websites. We’ve seen that steadily increase in the past five years and now it is more uncommon for a small company not to have a Website. Content Management Systems such as WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal (just to name a select few) have made it easy and affordable for someone who knows nothing about Websites to launch one. Now that everyone is caught up, we’re seeing a lot of businesses try to differentiate themselves and having a high-quality Website is one way they’re doing this.

The high-quality images, the direct messaging, the responsive design…these are all BIG trends for small businesses right NOW. You don’t want to miss the boat on these updates. If you do, it will be even harder to make the leap into the new trends that start happening in 2016.

If Web design is not your area of expertise, contact us. Let us help you find ways to innovate and get more customers in 2015! It will only help you set the stage for the digital marketing trends to come.

What are some Web design trends you’re seeing? What do you think of these trends?