Wedding Trends We Say “I Do” To

Wedding TrendsWeddings are wonderful events to look at for inspiration. As trends change, weddings are one of the first places to see these changes so it’s wonderful to look at weddings happening around you and beyond (Google search) to see what colors, shapes, textures, and themes are being used.

When you really break down all the different components of a wedding, and you’re able to look at each piece, that’s where you’ll find some of the best ideas!

Think Themes

Themed weddings have been a big deal the last few years. Destination or Beach, Cowboy/Ranch, Garden, Sports, and Casino have all been popular themes over the years…just to name a few. If we know this is what brides are loving these days (let’s face it, we know the brides are the ones making these decisions), we know these themes can be used in marketing that’s geared to women in their 20s and 30s, right? So, right now, we’re noticing a lot of Wild West Wedding themes…bridesmaids in dresses and boots, weddings taking place in barns, and plenty of burlap and lace.

Find Foodspiration

Yep, we did it. We combined Food and Inspiration to make the perfect word, Foodspiration! Who isn’t inspired by good eats? Food at weddings is always one of the biggest expenses (aside from alcohol) and the food served at a wedding can actually say a lot about trends. Right now we’re seeing a lot food go airborne! Caterers are upping their presentation game and actually serving “food installations” (rather than just the standard food in a tray on a table). The food installations we’re seeing a lot of right now are small bites, usually on a stick or sometimes in a small cup. This keeps the food light (less $ per person) and more attention on the “art” of the install. People are into small, fresh, and easy foods…all of which can be applied to our daily design work!

Party Pics

People have been taking pictures at weddings since photography was invented, but today’s photos are  changing in both how they’re taken and what the pictures capture – think Smartphones and Selfie Sticks. We’re seeing more selfies with the bride and groom and the use of filters in lots of wedding photos these days. It’s all about capturing that “Instagram-perfect” photo. With this in mind, it’s not always as easy to use stock photography in our marketing anymore. We want need our photos to look like they really happened and were in the moment. With the use of all these filters and the innovation of cameras on Smartphones, this makes it easier for us to get the photo we need, but not quite as easy as stock photography. Not to mention, we need to have a basic knowledge of photography. (Looking for a good basic photography class? Try You can do these classes at your leisure and they are very affordable. Follow Nicole’s Classes on Facebook or Instagram. They often provide discount codes.)

There are a variety of other wedding components that we review…dresses, venues, and invitations are some other areas to consider. We just wanted to give you a taste of how we use wedding trends in our design research.