When “Rebranding” is NOT the Right Answer…


We’ve mentioned in previous posts that prospective clients have called us and asked, “I am looking at rebranding. How much will it cost to have you redesign my logo?”

This is always a tough question to answer for several reasons. The biggest issue, however, is that rebranding and logo redesign are not necessarily the same thing. Rebranding may include a logo redesign in addition to other changes – repositioning, new collateral materials, improved focus, sales technique changes, etc. – and  in other cases, a rebrand does not have to include a logo redesign at all.

We see this happen often with small businesses as well as with non-profits. The truth is while we love creating and implementing a new brand campaign, we actually want to effect change in the businesses we work with (that is how we stay in business) and not just take their money. In many cases, when a client says they need to rebrand, they do…but they need to do more than redesign their logo.

This may sound counterintuitive to how much emphasis we have given to logo design in previous blogs, but it’s really not. Logo design is important – we stand by those comments. When you go through with it you want to do it right, but you also want to make sure you are ready and have a strong and healthy unique selling proposition BEFORE you anyone redesigns your logo.

Focusing on your business’ unique selling proposition, or USP, is a key first step to rebranding. Once you analyze your company’s position and how well (or not well) you are implementing that position in all areas (customer service, sales, marketing, billing, etc.) this will really help you determine what your next step is…if any. Keep in mind that YOU alone cannot identify your USP, but with the assistance of your key customers, you will find it quickly. Make sure to listen to them. Capitalize on what they are saying by making effective changes through all of your touch-points that will emphasize your position. Only then are you ready to reinvent your logo…if it even needs reinventing at all.

When working with small businesses and non-prfofits, we often discover that a change – or creating a more streamlined focus on the brand – will have the biggest impact. So the bottomline is if you’re thinking about “rebranding,” keep in mind what a brand really is and what problem your trying to solve. Changing a logo doesn’t always do the trick you think it will.

Call us if you have questions and want to talk about whether or not your business needs a change…